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At our 66th.

Al Abbotts, Bill Campbell, Bob Cronheim, Stu Duncan, Peter Erdman, Les Freeman, Bill Haynes, Dave Jordan, Tex Lamason, Tom Lowrie, David McAlpin, John Minton, Will Rivinus, Henry Powsner, Jack Robinson, Charlie Rose


Friday dinner, was of course, magnificent in the Professor's Lounge at the top of Fine Tower.

What a view!

Henry Powsner and Dickie Ann Boal

Will Rivius and Dave McAlpin

Mary Alexander and the VP in charge of Liquid Refreshment, Stu Duncan. We were joined by Mary , who took such good care of us when she was on the MacLean House staff until she transferred out two years ago.



bob claw

The boss of the Committee on Reunions, Anthony Fittizzi '97, came to present the Society of the Claw award to Bob Cronheim. It is an award in recognition of outstanding service to Reunions, normally give only at major reunions. Bob is special.



Saturday night all Old Guard were the guests of Judy Scheide W '36 at Jasna Polana. Fantastic appetizers, cold bar, just the sort of surf and turf that I had when I grew up (no), jugglers, music, even a walking tree. She has already invited us for next year. Don't miss it.



Marvelous photographer Tom Lowrie with his favourite tree.


Overall view of Jasna Polana dining area

Nancy Lamason and Bill Campbell



Beth Rose '77, Society of the Claw and P-rade Marshal provides me with all sorts of assistance all year long. She is a sounding board for suggestions, kicking my butt to get things moving etc.

She was featured on the University Web Site during Reunions for having come back for many years from her home in New Zealand.



Members of the Society of the Claw for long term contribution to Reunions

Abbotts, Duncan, Cronheim, Erdman, Powsner, Rose, Fred Schluter































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